A little Something for the readers


20, 2010


Here at WMPoweruser.com, we pride ourselves on getting the Windows Mobile news to you, our readers right away. We are very thankful for great readers like you all and so we have something special for you coming soon. The project is not completed but at this time I can say we are almost done and should all make it by our set date which is the 31th of this month. We can not tell you as to what you are in for at the moment, but let me just say, it took us a long time to get everyone working on it and to try and give you the best we can. I will leave the details at that, but continue reading our site and make sure to come back on the 31th to see what we have for you.

Update: Guys okay, maybe I spoke to big of this. Do not expect WM7 at this point maybe if we are lucky a little later, but not now, we have something else for you.

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