A good AT&T Windows Phone experience is possible


Store 1444, 24TH AVE NW, SPACE 105 NORMAN, OK 73069, where staff actually know how to sell Windows Phones.

We have ranted about AT&T pushing consumers who are interested in Windows Phones to iPhones and Android handsets. While we have had numerous reports that this is indeed happening, we also had a few that suggests not all AT&T staff are totally biased against Windows Phone.

PG writes:

Just wanted to let you guys know of a good experience I had at AT&T today contrary to other at&t stores being failures.

I’m on a prepaid plan so went into an at&t store to buy the Lumia 900 on contract and change to post paid to benefit from LTE in my market. I walked in the store and first thing I see is a woman that is with an associate – he’s telling her all about the Lumia 900 very enthusiastically, she ends up buying the device. My goal was to buy the Lumia all along but I wanted to play dumb (my last device is the htc hd7), so I ask another associate if they have Lumia’s in – he says yes here let me go get you one – black or cyan? I pick black.

He goes into the back and grabs one – tells me they had 10 in stock and only have two left now. So before the woman and myself they had sold six of them.

Mind you this is a small college town and we have about 3 other at&t corporate stores with a few more at&t resellers here too, and this store isn’t in the middle of town.

So I’m asking him about WP7 acting dumb about the OS. He’s telling me all about the great features and how iPhone is outdated, he then is telling me how android is laggy and crashes too much and he’s had both an iPhone and android. I am trying to act objective 🙂 and keep asking which is better iPhone, android or windowsphone and he’s pushing the Lumia to me very hard – he doesn’t know at this point that I’m prepaid and figures I’m in there to renew contract or upgrade so this isn’t a ‘big’ sale for him.

He pulls his phone out and its a Lumia 900, he tells me he’s had it for 3 weeks now and loves it.

He goes on about telling me more about the features, he makes sure I get the LTE 4g data package and visual voicemail is working. Over next to me is the woman also buying her Lumia and the associate there is also well informed and telling her how the OS is really good; she came from an iPhone.

I then let him in on that my previous phone is a WinPhone HD7 and that I develop for the platform :), and he’s telling me all about the features of the hd7s so he’s pretty knowledgeable about their stock of windows phones. So not all at&t stores are filled with mindless iPhone zombies. Here’s the store – they should get some credit for being trained properly.

The story suggests Microsoft’s training is working after all, and just needs to reach more AT&T staff.  Maybe it is just a question of time after all.

Thanks PG for the tip.

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