A Geek Dive into Windows Phone 7.5

In the above video we have Abolade Gbadegesin, a software engineer in the Windows Phone 7 team, explain the changes Microsoft made in the architecture of Windows Phone 7 to accommodate the new features like multi-tasking in Mango.

As Abolade quips along the way – Doing multi-tasking is easy if you do not make any promises. The Windows Phone 7 team on the other hand want their phones to be Appliance-like in its simplicity and reliability, meaning ironically a lot more complexity in the background.

While Abolade was smart enough to not let slip any new features or embargoes information, his calm and almost hypnotic voice still makes for engaging near 40 min long session, and it does give a good perspective on the motivation behind Microsoft’s choices.

More can be read at Channel9 here.