A Game idea(Simulator) From Me


When I see all these cool games come and go, I still am waiting for that perfect game that I will actually pay for. This game I am waiting for is, a good looking flight simulator. On my HD2, I have 9 awesome games that I enjoy playing but the one I play the most is Leo’s flight simulator. Now if you do not know what that is, it is a game that was created in 2006, with very poor graphics but many plane selection.

Well what I would like to see (please let me know if it is available) an new simulator. A sim that can actually load cities. A sim that can load many plane selection. A sim that looks good, and is rightly priced. Now I know that might be asking a lot but, I want a new  simulator that I can enjoy playing, and I would not mind paying $20 for if it actually looks good, and works correctly, and is constantly updated to fix bugs.

Again, that is just my idea of something that should be done, and I think is very possible. If you are a developer, please comment below and tell me if this is too much, and or if its possible, and I wont have to walk around with and iPhone to play with a good simulation (yes that’s a threat).

If you like my idea, please comment below, if you don’t then you simple suck(not really).