A demo of background music in Mango!


4, 2011

One of the great features coming with Mango is the background agent for playing music. This means you could be listening to Pandora while writing an email, or listening to a podcast app while surfing the web!

Once Mango is released to the public, developers of music applications have to update their apps to include the background music code, but it isn’t too tough to implement thanks to Microsoft’s tutorials. This also opens up the possibility of someone creating a SkyDrive or Dropbox music streaming application which could practically replace any need to store music on your phone! But don’t get too impatient, it’ll still be a few months till Mango is released. Hopefully all of that time will give developers the chance to have their apps updated before Mango is even released.

Other great new developer tools include direct camera access, background agents, flipping homescreen tiles, augmented reality support, and more. If you’re a developer, check out all 22 new code samples here.

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