A bunch of interesting app rumours

WindowsPhoneItaly reports from a reliable source on a bunch of apps coming to Windows Phone soon.

Firstly they report the new Facebook app will soon exit beta and come to WP7 also.

Secondly, they expect the new YouTube app to be updated soon, possibly with the ability to play Google’s ads, but also with useful features such as the ability to open YouTube links in the app.

Thirdly the new WhatsApp is also on the way, but is being delayed by a battery life issue which may push it to the end of May.

Next they expect Temple Run 2 to hit Windows Phone 8 soon, including 512 MB devices, but not Windows Phone 7.

Lastly, what is an app rumour story without Instagram? WPI reports the Instagram app is in development, will feature lock screen integration, and should hit the store within a month.

Some of these rumours are of course pretty obvious, and some like the Instagram app appear increasingly unlikely.  Take them all with a large pinch of salt. WPI says their source is reliable, but delays can pop up for many reasons, so timing is always subject to change.