99% of mobile malware targets Android



Cisco’s Annual Security Report has found that in 2013 99% of all mobile malware was targeting Android.

Most at risk were Android users looking for pirated software from alternate markets, with the most common infection being Andr/Qdplugin-A, which is typically installed via repackaged copies of legitimate apps distributed via non-official marketplaces.

The malware will then download other packages to your device, which can include botnets or trojan diallers that run up cost by calling premium rate numbers.

Android users were also targeted on in the web browser.

“Android users, at 71%, have the highest encounter rates with all forms of web-delivered malware,” which Cisco says can include “phishing, likejacking, or other social engineering ruses, or forcible redirects to websites other than expected.”

Ultimately having an open platform also opens users up to the need to manage their own security, a concern which seems rather outdated in the second decade of the 21st century.


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