7 out of 10 Fortune top 10 companies use Windows Mobile



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In the continuing battle against the iPhone hype offensive, Microsoft has again released some more information about Microsoft’s penetration into the enterprise arena.

Windows Mobile, which has already been dismissed as a competitor to RIM in favour of Apple, is actually doing very well. Scott Rockfeld, group products manager for the mobile communications business at Microsoft has told Computerworld that 7 out of the top 10 companies as ranked by Fortune (including companies like, Ford, General Electric and Walmart) are using Windows Mobile solutions, and in the fiscal year past 325 companies each bough more than 500 Windows Mobile devices, sometimes substantially more, and in one case 100 000 devices in one go.

Rockfeld also claimed a 1/3 of the 325 companies that bought Windows Mobile solutions also decommissioned a RIM BES. Windows Mobile 6.1, with System Center Mobile Device Manager server software, which provides a similar level of device manageability as a BES server, is already a strong competitor to RIM.

With around 20 million Windows Mobile devices sold last year counting the thriving platform out would seem to be a mistake no company can afford to make.

Source: Computerworld.com

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