7 days of the HTC Touch Pro 2

front_open_hand 4winmobile.com has published a review of the HTC Touch Pro 2 which aims to give a more natural impression of how the device performs in real life.

Set to covering 7 days, the reviewer expresses some opinions which I have not heard before about the device e.g.

While I’m thinking about the hardware keyboard, my experience of it is a bit of a mixed bag. It feels a lot like the Xperia keyboard, i.e. too soft and squishy, but having said that, I have not been missing keys like I did with the X1. The buttons are nice and big, the travel seems about right too. It’s just the feedback that’s not there. The original Touch Pro had a superb keyboard but for me the one on the Touch Pro 2 doesn’t feel great but it seems to tick all the required boxes for use (except for a lack of OK button).

With 3 more days to go, keep an eye on 4winmobile for the rest of the review.

Thanks Sarkis for the tip.