6tindr pulled from the Windows Phone Store


imageWell, that did not take long! Rudy Huyn’s unofficial Tinder dating app, 6tindr, has been pulled from the Windows Phone Store at the request of Microsoft and Tinder, who made a complaint.

The removal is not a real surprise though Rudy is making a point of protesting a bit more than usual on this occasion, writing:

If you want me to remove 6tindr from the Windows Phone Store I will respect your wishes, however I appeal to you that we work together so we can provide your new Windows Phone users – who are clearly passionate about using your service – with an awesome Tinder experience. I request that you please allow me the pleasure of helping you grow the popularity of Tinder within the Windows Phone community. I feel that together we can do great things for Windows Phone users, and I’d love to assist in any way possible to help bring an official Tinder app to Windows Phone.

The app is at present no longer accessible.  The short saga illustrates that while the Windows Phone community may be too small to bother supporting, this has never stopped any company from complaining about 3rd party apps on the platform.

Read Rudy’s full plea to Tinder here.