6tin back in the WP Store–its removal was a mistake by Microsoft


Rudy Huyn’s 3rd party Tinder app 6tin is back in the Windows Phone Store.

The app was initially unpublished, presumably due to a trademark complaint by Tinder.  Rudy then updated and removed all reference to Tinder from the description of the app, and then was rapidly returned by Rudy to the store, but then disappeared for an extended period.image

It appears the second removal was a mistake by Microsoft’s legal department, as they did not see the update which brought the app into compliance.

QRCodeOf course creating an unauthorised 3rd party app is fraught with difficult, danger and risk, so there is really no guarantee the app will remain available.

We therefore suggest prospective singles download the app now while it is still in the store.

Grab it while it lasts from the Windows Phone Store here.