6tag temporarily removed from store as details about new universal version 5.0 emerge

The most popular Windows Phone Instagram app (6tag )received an update today which enabled support for new filters and editing of captions. The update also unfortunately brought along with it a few bugs. Users are reporting crashing errors and other bugs, some of which can be fixed by a clean reinstall, others not so much. Rudy Huyn has temporarily pulled the app while he gets a bug fixing update -version – validated.

More on that topic, Rudy Huyn has given us a peek ahead into his plans for 6tag. Version 5 should bring with it a complete reworking of the app and convert it into a universal app. New features would include the ability to edit videos and many more. The universal app feature combined with Instagram abandoning Windows Phone means that 6tag would now become the de-facto Windows Instagram app. For an app that’s quite nice, that’s not a bad thing. The push to a universal app also means that Windows tablets will all gain access to a good quality Instagram app, giving the Windows ecosystem further legitimacy a s a work and play platform.

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