6tag picks up an update to add single IAP purchase feature


6tag has just picked up a small update for Windows phone devices. While it isn’t a bug fixing update per se, it does add a few features.

The new app update adds a whole plethora of in-app purchases for users who would support the development of 6tag. Aside from the “remove ads” and “enable video upload” in app purchases Rudy has also added a bundle which both removes ads and enables video upload for cheaper than they would be individually.

There’s also the option to donate to 6tag with 3 tiers of “Donor”, “Super Donor” and “Mega Donor” now being added to the app for users who would wan to fund 6tag’s development.

Rudy Huyn’s 6tag app was one of the first Instagram clients for Windows Phone in its early days and still remains one of the best Instagram client apps on multiple platforms. Despite Windows Phone having not one but two first party Instagram apps, Rudy’s apps still manage to put up a decent fight.

Download 6tag from the store link below;

Developer: Rudy Huyn
Price: Free