6tag for Windows Phone picks up another update, gets a new refresh button


6tag, the best Instagram client for Windows Phone today picked up yet another update. The latest update doesn’t bring a handful of features – however, it introduces two new handy feature. With the latest update, the app includes a refresh button which basically lets you refresh your Instagram feed. Here is the full changelog for version 4.0.4 of the app:

  • Add refresh button to refresh notifications/popular images on home
  • Use geolocation from image when edit

For starters, 6tag is undoubtedly the best Instagram app for Windows Phone from popular Windows Phone developer, Rudy Huyn. Rudy has been working actively on the app, and it is getting better with every update right now. As you can see, the latest update might be a minor one, but it does bring some useful new features.

The latest update for 6tag is now live on the Windows Phone Store. You can download the update by scanning the QR code on the image above or from the Windows Phone Store.

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