6Snap with SnapChat chat support now in the Windows Phone Store

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Its going to be a while before we see an official Snapchat app for Windows Phone, but in the mean time  Rudy’s 6Snap is doing a good job keeping up with the latest developments of the parent app.

In version 3.0 of 6Snap the app now supports Snapchat Chat, which lets users converse without sending pictures.

The app will now also let you display more snaps, scroll to see more, and also search snaps.

The app otherwise features:


  • share pictures and videos with snapchat users
  • post snaps on your story
  • see stories, best friends and score of your friends
  • draw and add text to your pictures
  • search snapchat friends on your phone
  • save your picture on your phone
  • front and back camera
  • manage your snapchat privacy
  • notifications with custom ringtone
  • Lense support
  • extend the picture hub (share menu, etc..)
  • live tile

Find the app in the Windows Phone Store here.