64 GB microSD cards are here–will we benefit?

4computex_mircroSDXC_c6_64gb-outline110419Kingmax has announced their release of the first 64GB microSD cards.  The SDXC cards are class 6 and are compatible with the SD 2.0 standard.

Of course Windows Phone has a complicated relationship with memory cards, with most handsets in fact sporting one, but nearly no handset allowing or recommending the user replace or upgrade them.

It does open the door however to the OEM shipping a selection of handsets with higher capacity approved and installed memory, but with 64 GB SD cards retailing between £100 and £300 I would make these devices pretty cost prohibitive.

Likely the main benefit would be for the 64 GB cards to push down the cost of 32 GB ones, and thereby hopefully increase the proportion of handsets shipping with more than the minimum of storage.

Are any of our readers planning to splurge on one of these cards and try it out on your phone? Let us know below.

via MobilityDigest.com