6 Slacker Radio Plus licenses for Windows Phone 7 to give away! Tell us why you should get one!


Slacker Radio has been kind enough to offer us 6 licenses for Slacker Radio Plus for WIndows Phone 7 to give away.

Slacker Radio Plus offers everything Slacker Radio offers, including a library of millions of songs, free to stream, high quality stereo playback, custom radio stations, over 120 professionally programmed channels and much more.

Slacker Radio Plus for Windows Phone 7 ads:

  • Unlimited song skips
  • Unlimited song requests
  • Access to song lyrics
  • No audio or banner ads

To win 3 month free access to Slacker Radio Plus, normally $4.99 per month, simply leave a comment below on Why your new Windows Phone is so great.  The 6 best comments, judged by myself, will win.

The contest is only open to US readers.  Please use an accurate e-mail address in your comment form or check back later, as winners will be announced by reply. Contest will close in 12 hours.


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