50% of Wireless Developers doing Windows Mobile

Developers are the lifeblood of a smartphone, as without it it may as well be a feature phone. A recent survey by Evans of 384 wireless developers from all round the world found 50% developing for the Windows Mobile platform, with 43% targeting .Net.  This contrasts starkly with Linux with only 25% support. The other platform targeted by many developers were Java Micro Edition (by 43%), with these developers vying for space on Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson devices.

Fifty percent of developers included in the survey were building browser- or Web content-based applications, while 30 percent were developing ecommerce applications, 24 percent were building wireless portal applications, and 24 percent were developing CRM systems. More than one-third of developers were building applications for external use by their company’s customers. Additionally, the company learned that location-based information is used far more in development in Asia and Europe than North or South America.

Only 8 and 7% of developers took up OSX and Android development respectively. Obstacles cited to building wireless applications include cross-platform testing requirements and lack of access to device APIs.

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