5 reasons why Cortana on iOS/Android is good and 5 why its a disaster


Today’s news of Cortana coming to iOS and Android is no surprise to Windows Phone users, with Microsoft widely tipping it since last year already.

It has of course caused both the typical outcry from Windows Phone fans and counter reaction from Microsoft defenders.

Like everything however the move does have both a good and bad side. Read on as I examine those below.

On the positive side:

  1. Microsoft’s customers and many of our family members are already on iOS and Android, and this will allow them to enjoy one of Windows’s most innovative features.
  2. Competing on iOS and Android with give Microsoft a stronger incentive to improve their product than in the smaller pond of Windows Phone users only.
  3. Related to this, with more users using Cortana, the data generated by the digital assistant should be more accurate, and Cortana therefore more helpful.
  4. Windows Phone users planning to leave the platform for iOS and Android should be able to take much of what they use on the platform and use it on iOS and Android, including their Cortana notebook for example.
  5. Wider exposure to a slightly limited version of Cortana on iOS and Android may entice those users to try Windows Phone.

On the negative side bringing Cortana to iOS and Android may also have some not so good consequences on Windows Phone.

  1. If you use Cortana on your Windows 10 PC, you now do not need to get a Windows Phone to have her on your phone also.
  2. If Cortana does become even slightly popular with the 2 billion people who use iOS and Android, we could very soon have the majority of users on those platforms, and Microsoft may prioritize development on those platforms, and neglect integration on Windows phones.
  3. Cortana and other Microsoft services on iOS and Android may be seen as a sign by developers and users in general that Microsoft is not supporting their own platform, which will convince less of them to port their apps to Windows.
  4. It establishes iOS as the universal platform with all the services, from Microsoft, Google and Apple further weakening high end Windows Phone.
  5. It increases the odds that Microsoft will eventually disinvest from Windows phones, which is after all a project with very limited success.

On balance, do our readers think it is a good or bad move? Let us know below.

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