5 Minutes in the Life of a Cook

Waking up with this wicked headache I can’t seem to function properly in my kitchen. Something told me I shouldn’t have messed with that dead maggot in the tequila. Looking in my kitchen I can’t imagine how it got in such a state; it’s like a 12 legged octopus made breakfast this morning and didn’t even bother to clean up. The bastard.

Well, my kitchen is not in a good state so I decided to write about this issue I’ve been slaving on for about a week now. It has me ripping at hair I don’t even have. They say writing calms you down and allows you to focus, but it doesn’t seem to work, so what is a cook supposed to do when he can’t find a solution to his problem? Damn you Exchange for not working (*me pointing fist at kitchen*).

Yes, you curse at the problem. A solution will come, somehow….I think.