4th & Mayor Developer Jeff Wilcox Moving To Windows Azure Team At Microsoft


13, 2012

We all know Jeff Wilcox as the developer behind the best Foursqaure client on Windows Phone platform 4th & Mayor. But Jeff was also a Microsoft employee working on many versions of Silverlight Toolkit, many Silverlight runtime versions, the Windows Phone 7.0 and 7.1 SDKs, etc,.  In particular things like Windows Phone user interface controls, helper libraries, utilities, and much more. He is now moving to a new role at Microsoft under Scott Guthrie. He will now be on Windows Azure team to focus on the open source story for Microsoft’s cloud.

Its sad to note that just after Brandon Watson, Windows Phone team loses another notable face.  We wish him good luck on his new role and thank him for his contribution to Windows Phone community.  On the good news, here is the plan for 4th & Mayor in 2012.

As I have previously tweeted in various capacities, my 3-pronged hope for 2012-2013 is:

  • Keep updating 4th & Mayor for the Windows Phone.
  • Offer a Windows 8 implementation on the Windows Store
  • Open source 4th & Mayor sometime in the future with the friendly, flexible Apache 2.0 license.

Read more on his blog.

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