3rd party Evernote client comes to Windows Phone 7


JCB Pocketware have released a 3rd party client for the popular Evernote service, seen as a cross platform competitor to OneNote.

Fasternote allows you to quickly post a note to your Evernote account. The app will also let you browse and read your recent notes using the WP7 metro user interface.


  • Post text notes
  • Supports selecting a notebook (must be created manually first)
  • Supports multiple tags (must be created manually first)
  • Browse notes with thumbnails
  • Open notes for read
  • Displays image if note contains any
  • Displays links or attachments if any, which can also be opened
  • Option to open app either ready for fast posting or for notes browsing
  • Edit text notes only
  • Send note by SMS
  • Send note by email
  • Copy & paste ready

The app is $1.99 but also has a free, add supported version, which however lacks the ability to add pictures from the camera or gallery.

Read more at the JDB Pocketware website.

Via 1800Pocketpc.com