3rd part WP8 Verge app pulled, this time possibly permanently


19, 2014


We posted earlier on the unofficial Verge app for Windows Phone being pulled due to a trademark issue.

At the time it seemed this would only be a temporary blip, and that after a few changes the app would be returned to the Windows Phone Store.

Now it seems this may have been a tad overoptimistic.

After Anand Prakash, a Microsoft employee and developer of the app, made the required changes to remove the Verge’s trademark and attempted to approve these with the Verge’s layers, he was told that he did not have permission to distribute the Verge’s content, making the app basically useless.

Anand notes that his app is pretty equivalent to an app like Feedly, in short basically a reader for web content, and that the decision did not make much sense.

On the other hand, maybe this is all in preparation for the Verge releasing their own official app … is hell getting a bit chilly yet?

Read the detail of the issue at Anand-prakash.net here.

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