3rd generation Google Glasses are currently being tested

by Atiya
July 23, 2019

The 3rd generation Google Glasses have reportedly concluded their development stage, and are now in pilot production by manufacturers.

Pegatron Corporation is now working alongside Quantra Computer to supply the Google Glass product line.  Previously, Quantra was the sole supplier.

The next generation of glasses will weigh as little as a regular pair of glasses, but at the expense of its battery life.

In order to create a lighter, natural-looking pair of glasses, Google has opted for lower battery capacity for their 3rd generation Google glasses.  This means that users only have 30 minutes of use between charges.

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 has a 820 mAh battery, and the previous model 780 mAh; so the third-generation model won’t follow the trend of increasing battery capacity.

You can expect to see the glasses come to market towards the end of next year; hopefully with a price tag that reflects the changes that have been made.

Source: digitimes

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