3DMark For Windows To Be Launched On February 4



Futuremark has announced that Windows version of new 3DMark is finally complete and will be released on Monday February 4. 3DMark uses a combination of in-app features and online web services to help you understand the performance of your hardware

In these screenshots from the Windows version you can see the new performance graphs that accompany each test score. For components that support it, 3DMark records frames per second (FPS), GPU and CPU temperatures as well as CPU power and clock speed during the benchmark run.

These graphs are interactive too. You can zoom in, change the scale and pan the chart to focus on a specific part of the benchmark run. You can click on the lines to get the numbers for that point in time, which is a useful way to check peak temperatures during the benchmark run, for example.

Read more at source link below.

Source: Futuremark

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