[Update] 343 Industries confirms Halo 3 remaster and Halo 6 won’t be at E3 2017

Update: 343 Industries also ruled out the possibility of a Halo 3 remaster. Whatever 343 Industries will announce at E3 2017 won’t be related to those two games…that’s only if you believe them. Also, both of these games won’t be at Gamescom either.

This week just doesn’t let up with the bad news. Today, 343 Industries’ Community Manager Brian Jarrard said that Halo 6 won’t be at E3 2017. On Reddit, Jarrard saying that while the studio will have “something” at E3 2017, it won’t be tied to Halo 6. Would it be an expansion to Halo 5? Would it be a separate spin-off? We don’t know at this point.

He added, “I’ll slip into my Dreamcrusher persona for a minute in the name of realistic expectations: We’ve said this already but we’ll have a little something at E3 but it’s not related to the next major entry in the franchise. Halo 5 received tremendous acclaim for its multiplayer but was panned for its convoluted and weak campaign. People wanted more Master Chief so it’s understandable that 343 Industries wants to take as much time as possible to perfect the story. Plus, it seems as though they’re reworking the campaign and that requires time.

As long as the end result is a stellar campaign with stellar multiplayer, I think everyone will be happy. While it’s disappointing that Halo 6 won’t be showcased at E3 2017, it still leaves room for the possibility of a teaser and a tentative release date for 2018. Only time will tell. E3 is just around the corner!

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