31 Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphones to be released in 2009

windows_mobile_65_facebook1 In an interview with the CarphoneWarehouse Magazine Windows Mobile product manager David Weeks revealed that 31 Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets will be released later this year, with 15-20 coming to UK.

Speaking on the launch of the T-Mobile G1 in UK, which sold 100 000 devices, David said:

“The Samsung Omnia  alone sold more units in the same period and many hundreds of thousands of Windows Mobile devices were sold last year.”

“The G1 hasn’t affected our sales because people still perceive Windows handsets as business phones. When we launch 6.5, we will compete in the same area as the BlackBerry Storm and G1, so we will enter their market as a new player and win sales. We are not playing catch up with the Android market or iPhone.”

“We’re not worried about Android – Nokia and BlackBerry are probably more badly hit by it. We’re on forecast. 100,000 sales is very low considering the amount of marketing T-Mobile put into the advertisement of the G1. A high-end feature phone like the G1 would usually sell 500,000 units for the money they invested.”

Windows Mobile has been selling into the consumer space despite rather than because of Microsoft, with the OEM’s having to carry much of the burden of making the OS suitable for consumers rather than business. Windows Mobile 6.5 is set to change some of that, but the real consumer push is only expected to come with Windows Mobile 7, which is expected to feature such consumer essentials like a good media player.

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