30 more Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets coming this year

not dead yetSo with the announcement of Windows Phone 7 series, is Windows Mobile 6.5 dead? It better not be, as Microsoft gas said in Barcelona that they expect 30 more Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets to ship globally , with 14 going to Asia in the next 6 months.

They would add to the 30 million installed base of Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 handsets shipped so far.

Some, notably Gizmodo, have said the announcement of Windows Phone 7 series Microsoft has “brutally kneecapped their existing phone software, effectively taking Microsoft out of mobile for the next six months”.

I think however the biggest issue affecting sales of Windows Mobile has been the constant negative propaganda the OS has suffered from big gadget blogs, an ire one do not see directed to ancient operating system such as RIM’s Blackberry OS for example.

Now that the idea that Microsoft’s mobile OS efforts are not relevant are no longer tenantable it should make for an interesting next 6-9 months. 

The simple solution for handset OEM’s are of course simply to offer an upgrade path, something  hope we will be seeing more off over the next few months.

Meanwhile we expect to hear more about developments to the Windows Mobile 6.x platform soon also.

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