3-month Apple Arcade subscription will be bundled with new devices



Apple will be including a free 3-month Apple Arcade subscription with new hardware to entice new customers to their video game subscription service.

While this new enticement is a limited-time affair, Apple will begin including the trial with new iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, Apple TVs and Mac purchases in the future.

The offer doesn’t start until October 22nd so make sure you wait before picking up a new Apple device. This new Apple Arcade deal is a massive improvement over the last deal which gave new customers a full month of the service for free.

There’s been a lot of worry about the future of Apple’s video game subscription service. While the free trial period started off strong with titles like Sayonara Wild Hearts (amazing), many subscribers didn’t continue past the first month.

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This had led Apple to terminate ongoing contracts with developers creating games for the service if they aren’t guaranteed to bring in high engagement over many months.

In an interview we held with No More Robots CEO Mike Rose, the publisher contrasted Apple’s decisions with Microsoft’s handling of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

“[Apple Arcade] is the thing I was worrying about,” Rose told us. “For me, Game Pass has not quelled my fears about subscription models. I think what Microsoft is doing is fantastic – we keep putting our games in there – my fear is that more people are now going to do it because they’ve seen how well Game Pass has done. Of course they are, that’s how our industry works – everyone just copies everyone else.

“My fear is that the other ones won’t be as good. That they’ll get big and they’ll give developers crappy deals and then in three, four, five years time we’ll be in a situation where we’ve got the Netflix and Amazon and Hulu of video games, but they’re all giving developers crappy deals because they’ve got a bunch of games now and they don’t really need you as much as you need them.”

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