2D no more – Aura brings Xbox 360 avatars to life on Windows Phone 7

aura_ Microsoft Live Engagement from Jason Lin on Vimeo.

One of the more minor disappointments of Windows Phone 7 is that the avatar in the Xbox hub is static and not animated in any way.

“Aura”, a Microsoft-sponsored project at the Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center is aiming to fix it, by adding a bit more movement to your twitter and facebook status updates, using the personalized 3D avatars most Xbox Live users create when they sign on to the service.

The aim of the project was to create an application that enables rich expressions of user interaction between people while using the Windows Phone 7 Series devices and Xbox consoles. 

As can be seen from the video above the application ad some fun to the pretty staid and colourless Windows Phone 7 user interface

A prototype of the project is said to be demoed at E3 in June.

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