256 MB Windows Phones will not support fast app switching

imageThe updated Windows Phone documentation on Microsoft site has revealed a full list of restrictions that come with the low memory Windows Phone Tango handsets, and besides the one we already knew about, a new limitation has been added – no support for fast app switching.

The support page notes:

Many apps can run at the same time on a Windows Phone, and there’s an easy way to switch between the last five you’ve used:

  • 1. Press and hold the Back button to see up to five of the apps that you’ve used most recently.

  • 2.Flick right to see all of the open apps, then tap the one you want to open.

Note: This feature will not work if your phone has 256 MB of RAM. To find out how much memory your phone has, on Start, flick left, tap Settings, and then tap About.

The documentation also confirms

  • Podcast Subscriptions and Video Podcasts – You won’t be able to manage podcast subscriptions on your phone or watch video podcasts if your phone has 256 MB of RAM.
  • Local Scout – You won’t be able to use Local Scout if your phone has only 256 MB of RAM.
  • SkyDrive automatic photo upload – You won’t be able to upload pictures automatically to SkyDrive if your phone has only 256 MB of RAM.
  • HD video playback – You won’t be able to play video compressed with some of the listed codecs if your phone has 256 MB of RAM.

The absence of fast app switching I feel however is the biggest breaking change between the experience of Windows Phone Mango and low memory Tango devices. With background agents not supported and fast app switching also not supported, not only will 256 MB Tango devices lack 3rd party multi-tasking, but even the illusion of multi-tasking.

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Via LiveSide.net