$250 Rogers Canada Nokia Lumia 710 is pentaband and works on WIND and Mobilicity also

Pentaband handsets was part of the promise of a Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset.  Unfortunately the Nokia Lumia 800 did not deliver, but it seems the super cheap Nokia Lumia 710 is a true Nokia handset, and supports all 5 common HSDPA frequencies, including the 1700 MHz AWS from T-Mobile and also small Canadian carriers WIND and Mobilicity.

The above video shows pretty simply how to get an unlocked  Lumia 710 on WIND using a simple SIM cutter – finding the mysterious unlocking website will be left as an exercise for the reader.

WIND does not currently offer any Windows Phones or the iPhone, and this development will provide a great alternative to the limited range of Android handsets on the network.

If Nokia continues to produce high quality cheap Windows Phones they may even do a little bit to undermine the lock carriers have on us due to contracts, which would be great all by itself.

Video by BallerOtaku, thanks Mark for the tip.