2020 will be the year of mosaic notch, and here is what it looks like


31, 2019

Smartphone manufacturers introduced a couple of alternatives to the notch design, which most of the users don’t like or have a neutral stance. All of this could change in 2020 as the year will see smartphone manufacturers bringing true all-screen smartphones.

As per the renowned leaker Ice Universe, 2020 will see mosaic design smartphones instead of a regular notch or hole punch design smartphones. “The next stage of the Hole era is the Mosaic era, and in 2020 you will know what I am talking about,” Ice Universe tweeted.

The mosaic design hides the notch or the punch hole cut out by making the notch or punch appear more like the rest of the screen —you’ll notice it only if you take a closer look. Otherwise, the notch appears to be not visible from a distance.

We don’t know which smartphones to have this new mosaic design and when they will hit the market. Nevertheless, Xiaomi, Oppo, Apple are all rumored to introduce smartphones with mosaic design in 2020.

Do you like the new mosaic design? Do you prefer mosaic over today’s notch and punch hole?

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