2010’s biggest Windows Phone 7 stories

Old Man TimeToday it is traditional to do  retrospective of the year slipping away. Below are the biggest stories of 2010, as indicated by the volume of comments it generated.

Some of the articles were good news, and some bad, but I think we can all agree the year has been eventful.

Windows Phone 7 series – the bad news (119)

This article, with 119 comments, explores how Windows Phone 7 became very similar to the iPhone in terms of restrictions, something I think we have now made peace with, but which on March 16th clearly did not go down very well at all.

KIN fiasco leads pundits to call Windows Phone 7 DOA. Here’s why they are wrong. (101)

This article, from July 3rd, was written in the aftermath of the KIN cancelation disaster, which still haunts Windows Phone 7 somewhat, although now much less so than then, when a number of supposed journalists called Windows Phone 7 as dead as the KIN was then. The article is as relevant now for the success of Windows Phone 7 as then, coming down to mobile being a bet which Microsoft can not afford to lose.

Skype video calling on iOS presents another black mark for Windows Phone 7 (85)

This article, which criticizes Microsoft for omitting front facing cameras from their minimum specs, generated a surprising reaction from  our readers, but it remains to be seen if video calling will be just another irrelevant fad, or a must-have feature which Microsoft once again failed to foresee.

T-Mobile US HTC HD2 to have more RAM, ROM, possibly only one to get Windows Mobile 7 (73)

This article from January 24th, concerns the fading drama of the HTC HD2 and Windows Phone 7, which may still in the end get the OS, but by that time we are all rather unlikely to care, something many of our readers have been predicting for some time.

Can Microsoft be this clueless? (72)

Another editorial which is rather critical of Microsoft (funny how these seem to generate such huge reactions 😉 ) but which concerns an area we are all pretty worried about – Microsoft’s apparent wrong-headed determination to push the square Windows 7 peg into the round Tablet hole, instead of using a mobile OS like Windows Phone 7. It remains to be seen if Microsoft can pull it off, but most commentators are pretty sceptical, which may result in Microsoft again sitting out a round.

PPCGeeks claim Windows Mobile 7 leak (70)

It turns out this leak from the 6th February, when we still called Windows Phone 7 Windows Mobile 7, was 100% spot-on, and my comment “Do I hear Android calling?” now seems pretty amusing.  I guess a man can get used to anything after all.

Exclusive: HTC HD7 full specs revealed, confirms T-Mobile USA AWS support(69)

This is from our series of specs leaks in September, in which it is fair to say many readers were disappointed the HTC HD7 and HTC HD2 were so similar.

Windows Phone 7 – what Microsoft is doing right, wrong and how they can fix it (64)

This editorial, from when we were pretty down on Windows Phone 7 on April 30th, discuss what Microsoft could do to make Windows Phone 7 more successful, and I think a lot still apply, especially more synergies with the desktop, an area which convicted monopolist Microsoft is understandably wary of, but which may be essential for success.

Microsoft on HTC HD2 WP7 upgrade: HD2 “doesn’t qualify because it doesn’t have the three buttons” (63)

More on the HD2 Windows Phone 7 upgrade saga, where we learned 2 bits of plastic were the real reason the HTC HD7 could not be upgraded to the new OS. The article from March 1st is all the more galling with the HTC HD7 being near identical to the HD2.

KIN One and Two reviewed – Microsoft tries to sell a feature phone as a smartphone (63)

This article, in which the KIN phones are basically (and largely rightly) assassinated by Engadget, ends by asking whether Microsoft’s KIN product managers should commit Seppuku? 63 comments followed.

These articles nicely encapsulate to me what has been the highs and lows of 2010, with the great HTC HD2 being prematurely obsoleted, Windows Phone 7 being leaked and announced in a flurry of excitement, followed by months of consternation when limitation after limitation was leaked and confirmed, and eventually making peace and finally embracing Microsoft’s new direction, and now moving on to worrying about how Microsoft will manage the next major battlefield, tablets.

Were there any other great events from 2010 which needs to be highlighted? Anything we are looking forward to particularly in 2011? Let us know below.

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