2.5GHz Quad Core Mobile Processors From Qualcomm By Early 2012


15, 2011

Author Pradeep // in News

At Innovation Qualcomm event in Istanbul, Qualcomm confirmed that quad core mobile processors are coming in early 2012. Qualcomm first announced about its plans for quad core processors with clock speed upto 2.5GHz at MWC early this year. Its now closer to reality as Qualcomm is saying that it will deliver the new chip sets to manufacturers by end of this year and we will see new products based on that in early 2012. Next year’s MWC will be the right time frame where we will experience this chip beasts in action. Qualcomm says these quad-core chips are designed to meet the performance requirements of the next generation of computing and entertainment devices while minimizing power consumption.

Just look at the specs of S4,

  • 2.5 GHz Quad core processor.
  • The Adreno 320 quad-core GPU  where it enables console-quality gaming and renders rich user interfaces.
  • 3G/LTE chips built in.
  • Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC built in.
  • 1080p HD with Dolby support.
  • Stereoscopic 3D support.
All in my palm ! ! How about a Windows Phone device based on this chipset from Nokia ??
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