18 Nokia Lumia 800’s used to create bullet time effect for snow boarding event

Nokia has posted this above video featuring 18 Nokia Lumia 800 smartphones being used to record a 180 degree bullet time effect shot of snow boarders bouncing on a trampoline.

The team used an app on the phone to record the video and download it over WIFI, where it was then stitched into the 180 degree freeze frame shot.

The team behind the shoot, Tony Sajdak and Björn Kummeneje, said:

“We learned a lot about working with Nokia Lumia 800 and how to maximize the performance of the Windows 7.5 Phone OS. But the biggest learning was that it’s possible to do really advanced stuff with a Nokia Lumia 800; things it was not originally designed to do. And that opens up for many interesting ideas for new projects.”

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