17% of smartphones in US Healthcare run Windows Phone

Our readers will be very familiar with the news that Windows Phone is growing strongly in enterprise in Europe, and even recently with Satya Nadella confirming that enterprise was Windows Phone’s strongest growth segment.

Techspot.com reports than overall Windows Phone had a corporate presence in 40% of large companies, and now a new survey by  TECHnalysis Research of US healthcare companies found that 17% of work smartphones in their organizations were running Windows Phones.

Techspot notes that this  goes a long way towards explaining Microsoft’s recent comments about focusing their future smartphone development towards enterprise as a key target and that they actually have a solid opportunity there.

They note that while Windows Phone does not do so well in USA when it comes to Bring Your Own Device, many industries, including healthcare, were highly regulated, and it is often rare to be allowed to use your own phone to deal with sensitive data.

In fact companies in those industries are purchasing 59% of the smartphones in active use by their employees—only 41% of employees’ primary work smartphones are being purchased by individuals.

They note that as consumer smartphone sales start to flatten and even decline in more established markets, the corporate smartphone market will become increasingly interesting.  Hopefully Microsoft’s early advantage in this area will lead to the success in the US market which has so far been so elusive.