Apple has been rumoured to be launching a new 16-inch MacBook Pro all year, but it has yet to actually launch or confirm this device officially.

However, the newest macOS Catalina bds has been discovered to contain images of a new MacBook Pro, labelled as ‘MacBookPro 16.1’. The files depict the rumoured laptop in both silver and space grey, possibly hinting at the colour palette for this new larger than life notebook. The device is said to have a similar footprint to the MacBook Pro 15-inch, albeit with thinner bezels.

Alongside a larger display, Apple is said to be swapping out its problematic butterfly keyboard for and a scissor-switch keyboard for improved durability in this 16-inch MacBook Pro. The butterfly keyboard Apple has been shipping in its MacBooks for a few years now have proven to be more trouble than worth, being defeated by simple things like dust and lint and causing Apple no end of PR brouhaha.

Apple is rumoured to launch this, alongside the similarly rumoured new Airpods Pro, at an event in October. With the end of the month nearing, it is likely the firm may simply post these updates to its web store and release a press announcement as opposed to hosting a full-on press event.

Source: MacRumors, MacGeneration(Fr)