15 websites have been taken down by the FBI that allowed users to purchase DDoS attacks.

As every gamer knows, Christmas is an awful period for DDOS attacks. As the FBI says, “[Christmas] is a period historically plagued by prolific DDOS attacks in the gaming world.” (via Kotaku)

Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, Steam and many MMOs are normally the main targets for DDoS attacks. With the websites taken down today, it should be harder for internet users to easily purchase DDoS services.

According to the FBI, each one of these websites was internally tested by the Bureau to make sure that they were commiting the crimes. In a press release, the FBI said this:

“These services offered easy access to attack infrastructure, payment options that included Bitcoin, and were relatively low cost. Each of the services were tested by the FBI, which verified those DDoS attack services offered through each of the seized websites. While testing the various services, the FBI determined that these types of services can and have caused disruptions of networks at all levels.”

All gamers should be able to rest easy around Christmas time this year, although there is no guarantee that another group won’t come along to ruin everyone’s fun.

Source: Kotaku