SNK’s 40 Anniversary Collection for Nintendo Switch has just seen 11 new games added in a free update.

Due to graphic content, two of these 11 games (Beast Busters and SAR: Search and Rescue) have to be manually downloaded from the Nintendo eShop. The remaining nine are available in a patch.

The full list of games added is as follows:

  • Munch Mobile
  • Fantasy
  • Sasuke vs Commander
  • Chopper 1
  • Time Soldiers
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Paddle Mania
  • Ozma Wars
  • World Wars
  • Beast Busters
  • SAR: Search and Rescue

The original list of games in the collection is as follows:

  • Alpha Mission
  • Athena
  • Crystalis
  • Guerrilla War
  • Ikari Warriors
  • Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road
  • Ikari III: The Rescue
  • Iron Tank
  • P.O.W
  • Prehistoric Isle
  • Psycho Soldier
  • Street Smart
  • Vanguard

With this update, SNK 40th Anniversary Collection has become a beefy collection for SNK fans. It’s still missing some key games from the age-old company, but it has a lot to offer.