In a recent livestream, 1047 Games co-founder and CEO Ian Proulx announced that the studio has plans to release their overly successful portal shooter Splitgate on Nintendo Switch, as well as Mobile.

In a Q&A session after an exhibition match with the developers, Proulx said that “we haven’t started on it, but it’s absolutely part of the vision,” when asked if Splitgate will be coming to other platforms in the future. 

“Part of the vision is we want to be available on everything. We want to be available on mobile, on Switch, you know, everything,” Proulx continued before confirming that Slitgate will also be coming to Mac sometime in the future. 

“It’s not on the top of our priorities, but we want everybody, it’s important to us that people can play with their friends and that means crossplay on everything,” he went on to say before explaining that for mobile crossplay “that’s a maybe.”

Proulx also commented on the desire for a battle royale mode in Splitgate, saying that the game already has a battle royale drop zone, aka a giant pit you can jump down into that has neon text above it which proclaims the hole is totally definitely the battle royale drop zone that everyone is after. 

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Previously, Splitgate has been suffering from success, with their 1.0 release out of the beta being delayed due to server capacity concerns which were already giving players serious wait times to get into the game.

Splitgate is currently planned to launch out of 1.0 sometime in August, however, no date has been confirmed just yet.