10 metre high Windows Phone may show up on the Champs Elysee this Christmas


Monsmartphone reports that the giant Windows Phone which was installed in New York recently may make the trip to Paris this Christmas season.

Smartphune.fr cites Gregory Olivier, Director of Marketing and Consumer Communications at Microsoft in a press release saying:

"In this holiday season, we wanted to allow the public to discover the new features offered by Windows Phone 7.5 in offering an original and creative, with an iconic character"

The phone may be installed between the 9th and 18th at the intersection of the Champs Elysee and Avenue Dutiot and be 10 metres tall and will allow users to send SMS to Santa Claus or send emails.

Largely due to Nokia there have been no shortage of Windows Phone promotion in France, but a little (or a lot) more will not do any harm either.

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